I am a village man – Ginger Onwusibe


The member representing the good people of Isiala Ngwa north state constituency in the Abia state House of Assembly Chief Ginger Onwusibe has described his stay at the village even after his election into the state house of Assembly as act of love for his people.

He further stated that he started his life in the village and have lived all his life in the village and see no reason to abandon his people because he won a seat at the state House of Assembly ” i am a village man, all i am today my people made me, i have been with them all these while,  i share in their pains,i also love to promote the culture and tradition of my people, for me to do that i need to be close to them, there is no Ginger Onwusibe without my people” he stated.

while reacting to question from our correspondent on the issue of local Government autonomy the Hon Member  stated that Local Government Autonomy is the only thing that can bring meaningful development to Nigeria, it will make way for those in the urban areas to feel government presence .



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