Breaking News: Native Doctor arrested for sleeping with client


Luck ran out on a native doctor who was arrested after his wife raised alarm out of jealousy when she caught him in the act with another woman whom he claimed to be his client inside his consultation room allowed for only clients.The native doctor would have been killed if not for the timely intervention of the police.Youths of the area have been looking for an opportunity to decend their anger on him because of his devious shady deals which was tarnishing the community’s image and also his means of defrauding desperate women but the opportunity never came until that faithful day.

The native doctor was known for his devious and notorious shady deals with clients especially women.Alot of women consult him when they want to commit an evil act like looking for good luck in marriage and businesses,driving away rivals or even dominating their husbands to themselves only.

Well on that faithfull day,the woman in question went to seek audience with the native doctor in company of her friend who introduced her to him.Her friend is a regular at the place.They exchanged greetings and she told him that she wanted him to assist her make her husband’s girlfriend mad because she heard rumurs of a possible marriage.

The native doctor asked her to pay #150000 including a white goat devoid of any kind of colour except white.The woman came back a second time with the money but couldnt get the description of the required animal so she pleaded for an option.The herbalist then told her that he must consumate her to be able to appease the spirit to inflict harm on the girllfriend,he told her that many women do agree to such evil deeds for their deeds to be carried out.

The woman was hesitent in the first place but desperation made her to agree to doing it.While both were on the act,his younger wife burst onto them,shouted and raised alarm.The younger wife was jealous of all the females that consult him because he does not pay attention to his wives anymore so she used the opportunity to avenge her frustration.People gathered and when they saw what happened,they took sticks and stones to attack the native doctor.If not for the timely intervention of the security,he would have died.According to my source,the woman has been divorced by her husband.


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