Isi-gate: Time To Actualize The ‘Talk’ by Nneka Torti


When it was initially announced that traders at Isi-gate would be relocated to the newly built a relief market at Amuzukwu, I was sceptical about how this would be achieved.

The subsequent request by the traders that the Abia State Government should give them till the 31st of December fueled my doubts but I was proved wrong when Isi-gate became cleared on the 1st of January, 2020.

This is a feat that I thought unachievable but it has been done.
However, this is not the time to slack off or beat our chest for a job well done, it is a time to actually work to achieve our dreams for a cleaner State.

Why do I say this?

The Abia State Ministry for Land and Survey published a picture of what they will want Isi-gate to look like and I believe Abians were impressed but it will be disappointing if this is not actualized.

I have followed the conversation on social media about this particular feat; while most are in doubt about its possibility, others are of the opinion that it can be done if all can put hands together in building a State that we can be proud of.

Hence, the people in charge of this project should give Abians the best of what they deserve.

I always reiterate that we are our own problem, in the State and in the country.
If a person who is in charge of a particular work or project does the work diligently and without prejudice or altercation, it removes the burden of coming back to that same project by the leaders and also helps the Principal in delivering his mandate to the people.

We all know that the leaders cannot be everywhere and that is the reason why Commissioners, Special Advisers and all other political officers are appointed.
We must do our best to sustain Abia State on the map of progressive States and that starts with all of us. Not only the leaders but all of us.

We are Abians first…


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