We are totally disappointed and alarmed to see the 2023 campaign posters of Governor Emeka Ihedioha as a running mate to Sokoto state Governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal when the South East zone is seeking for the office of the President.
This act and action of Gov. Ihedioha is a betrayal of the highest order. He is not interested in the interest of the zone, he is only interested in his personal interest and gain. What a shame.
When we saw these posters in major cities of the country, we thought that he is not the one responsible for the posters, but up till now, we have not seen any refutal from his office. These simply means, the circulation of the posters has his backing and support.
These action by Ihedioha is totally against the collective interest of South East zone and it must stop fought with.
Other Governor’s of the South East zone are busy working for the good and benefit of their states and the only democracy dividend Ihedioha has for Imo state is to float his 2023 Campaign posters as a running mate to Tambuwal.
Some Governors who assumed office with him on the same day, has commissioned tangible projects and are still working day and night for the benefit of their states. Since he assumed office on 29th may, 2019 , he has not commissioned any project, or has he embarked on any meaningful project for the betterment of the people.
We call on Imolites to rise-up to the occasion and ask their governor what he is doing with all the monthly allocations, internally generated revenue, 13 percentage derivation funds and other funds that is coming into the state coffers.
It is high time the people hold their leaders accountable for their actions. The collective wealth handed over to them to run the affairs of the state does not belong to them. This is the peoples resources. It is not their personal money or resources. The people must stand-up and ask them questions on how they are spending the peoples money.
Why will Ihedioha leave his responsibility of delivering democracy dividends and embark on 2023 politics that has no direct benefit to the common man in Imo state.
The circulation of his running mate posters is total embarrassment to the South East zone. We call on him to immediately stop the anti-people venture and immediately apologize to the zone for betraying them . Failure to do so, we will mobilize the people for a protest against his unfruitful government.
Chief Goodluck Egwu Ibem
President General
Comrade Kanice Igwe
Secretary General


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